Image courtesy of Gulfsands Petroleum.

UK-based Gulfsands Petroleum hit an onshore gas pay zone Monday at the Douar Ouled Balkhair 1 gas exploration well (DOB-1) at the Rharb Center Permit in Northern Morocco.

During testing gas flowed to the surface during the well’s clean up flow period at rates in excess of 10 million standard cubic feet per day.

The DOB-1 well was drilled to a total measured depth of 3,740 feet and encountered the primary reservoir target interval on prognosis at a depth of 2,650 feet.

Significantly elevated gas readings obtained during drilling, as well as interpretation of geological samples and wire line logs, indicate the presence of a gas bearing sandstone reservoir section of “excellent” quality.

Detailed petrophysical evaluation of wireline logs over the primary target indicate a 13 feet gross sand thickness, with a net sand thickness of 12 feet, evaluated average gas saturation of 70 percent and average porosity of 34 percent.

The well’s secondary reservoir target interval was encountered at a depth of 3,526 feet with significantly elevated gas readings encountered over an interval at 3,526 feet to 3,697 feet.

However, after the completion of wire line logging operations, mechanical problems with well bore integrity above the secondary target interval prevented further access to or production testing of the reservoir.

Gulfsands said it is currently reviewing all available data in order to determine the optimal path for further exploration of the secondary reservoir target.

DOB-1 has now been suspended as a future gas production well.


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