Image courtesy of Atascosa County Sheriff's Office/Facebook.

A Texas oilfield employer was shot and killed by an employee Thursday after a salary dispute.

The shooting happened south of San Antonio in Atascosa County late Thursday morning.

Police officials told Fox 29 the unnamed victim was meeting with an employee at OGPM, LLC to talk about his salary when the argument broke out.

The employee, a 43 year old man from Clyde, Texas, pulled a pistol out of his jacket when the exchange got heated and fatally shot the employer.

“The business owner allegedly attempted to reach out of his jacket pocket to pull out a pistol, the employee told him over and over again not to pull it out, whenever he pulled his gun out, the employee pulled his gun out and shot 3 to 5 times,” Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office Captain Matthew Miller said.

The Sheriff’s office said the perpetrator immediately called 911 after the shots were fired.

The name of the victim or the perpetrator have not been disclosed yet.

Police are still investigating the incident.

The shooter will remain in police custody until the investigation is complete.



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