Image courtesy of BP.

Brazil’s Petrobras made a new heavy oil discovery Thursday in the offshore Campos Basin.

The discovery was made while drilling well 1-BRSA-1289-RJS (ANP nomenclature)/ 1-RJS-737 (Petrobras nomenclature, informally known as Basilisco.

Basilisco is located in Brazil concession BM-C-35 in water depths of 7,263 feet in the Campos Basin post-salt layer.

The accumulations consist of heavy oil found in two different reservoir depths, at 10,465 feet and at 11,551 feet.

Petrobras operates the well with a 65 percent stake.

BP holds a 35 percent stake.

The two companies will “proceed with the necessary activities to assess the extension of the discoveries, as well as the concession’s exploratory potential.


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