Image courtesy of Senex Energy.

Australia-based Senex Energy discovered an oil pay zone Tuesday at its Martlet North-1 exploration well on the western flank of the South Australian Cooper Basin.

The Martlet North-1 exploration well, located in PRL 1481, was spudded on January 29 to evaluate the oil potential of the Namur Sandstone horizon, with a secondary target in the Birkhead Formation.

The well encountered oil shows in the target reservoir with the subsequent evaluation of logs indicating a vertical net pay zone of about 10.4 feet.

Martlet North-1 also encountered oil shows of an undisclosed size in the Birkhead Formation.

Resource size estimates for the find have not been disclosed yet.

The well is located about half a mile north-west of the Martlet-1 well that is currently  producing from the Namur horizon.

Martlet North-1  has been cased and suspended as a future Namur oil producer.

“The timing of a tie-in to the Martlet-1 infrastructure will be subject to field development planning over both fields to achieve the most economical development scenario,” Senex said.

Senex holds a 60 percent operating stake in Marlet North-1.

Australia-based Beach Energy holds a 40 percent stake.



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