Image courtesy of Harald-Pettersen/Statoil.

Norway’s Statoil made a minor oil discovery Friday at wildcat well 2/4-22 S near the the Ekofisk field in Norway’s North Sea.

Well 2/4-22 S was drilled about 12 miles north of the Ekofisk field in production license 146.

The well encountered an 89 foot oil column in the Rotliegend group, it’s primary target, with 79 feet of the oil column being sandstone with “good” reservoir quality, Rigzone said.

In the secondary target well 2/4-22 S encountered oil columns in two intervals in the Bryne formation with the top interval also extending into the overlying Ula formation in the Upper Jurassic.

The well encountered a 151 foot oil column in the Bryne formation with about 98 feet being sandstone with good to poor reservoir quality.

The Bryne and Ula formations showed a 161 foot oil column with about 49 feet of the column being multiple thin sandstone layers with good to poor reservoir quality.

Preliminary estimates of the size of the discovery range between 0.7 and 2 million Sm3 of recoverable oil equivalents.

Further studies are needed in order to determine if the discovery can be included as part of a future development of the area, Statoil said.

Statoil operates production license 146.


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