Image courtesy of San Leon Energy.

UK-based explorer San Leon Energy said Wednesday it made its first commercial gas discovery in Poland at the Rawicz-12 appraisal well.

Rawicz-12, located at the Rawicz field in southwestern Poland,  began flow testing on February 5 and has flowed at an increasing  rate of up to 4.1 million standard cubic feet per day.

No significant amounts of water have been encountered and gas quality matches expectations and samples from previous wells at the field, with gas shows at around 70 percent methane.

Well productivity, gas production rate and surface flowing pressure continually increased during the long high-rate flow period, San Leon said.

Rawicz-12 will be flow tested until February 28 and pressure build-up data will be acquired for several weeks after the test is complete.

San Leon is planning to drill three to five additional wells as part of the Rawicz field’s development plan.

A second well at the field is already in the planning stages.

“This is the well we have been waiting for – a significant gas discovery in one of the highest-priced gas markets in Europe,” San Leon’s executive chairman Oisin Fanning said.

The Rawicz project is operated by Colorado-based Palomar Natural Resources with a 65 percent stake.

San Leon holds a 35 percent stake and has no up-front drilling costs for the field’s first two wells.



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