Image courtesy of the Lea County Sheriff's Office.

One worker was killed and another was seriously injured by an explosion at a New Mexico oilfield  during the installation of a drilling pipe.

The explosion happened Wednesday in Lea County at a site owned by New Mexico-based Mesquite SWD.

Both men were  employees of Warrior Wireline. They were loading materials into a perforated pipe being installed into the drilling line when the explosion happened, Reuters said.

James Rusty Harrison, who was in his mid 40s, was killed by the blast.

Tyler Winter, who is in his mid-20s, survived the explosion but suffered shrapnel injuries to his torso and right leg.

Winter was taken by helicopter to a Lubbock, Texas hospital about 150 miles away from the accident site.

No other injuries were reported.

There were no spills or fires after the blast.

The cause of the accident is still being investigated.



  1. who writes these stories? It looks like it was written by someone just guessing their way through, with references to things that do not make any sense. Ask someone with oilfield knowledge to help with these stories.

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