Image courtesy of BP.

Ohio’s attorney general filed a $33 million lawsuit Monday against BP for allegedly taking money from both state funds and insurers to cleanup underground storage tank leaks at hundreds of gasoline stations around the state.

The Ohio Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board joined the state’s attorney general in filing the lawsuit.

The board administers a fund used to cleanup tank spills when an owner either lacks insurance or has refused insurance money.

The suit claims BP wrongfully obtained $33.3 million in reimbursements from the compensation board’s fund after the company claimed it did not have insurance for leaks, the AP said.

BP allegedly failed to disclose that it held hundreds of insurance policies and filed 2,651 claims to receive funds for its cleanup effort, the Colombia Dispatch said.

“Our lawsuit alleges that BP knowingly and intentionally took more than $33 million that it was not eligible to accept,” Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine said.

Ohio officials are also investigating an additional 905 claims valued at $22.3 million.

BP said it acted in good faith and will fight the claims.



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