Image courtesy of the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The prolific Eagle Ford shale region was the largest oil producing U.S. play in 2013, according to a new report by the Energy Information Administration.

Production at Eagleville in Texas’s Eagle Ford play hit 238 million barrels in 2013, nearly three times as much as the second largest field.

Producers at Spraberry, also located in Texas, pumped 99.7 million barrels making the field the second largest in the U.S. while Prudhoe Bay in Alaska took the third spot with about 79 million barrels in production.

Briscoe Ranch, another Eagle Ford field, rounded out the top five with 62 million barrels.

Fields in Texas took four of the top 10 spots and made up just over half of the list.

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The U.S. Gulf of Mexico and California also had strong showings with 25 Gulf fields and 15 fields in California making their way into the top 100.

The top 100 oil fields had combined 2013 estimated production of 1.3 billion barrels with total U.S. crude oil and lease condensate production hitting 2.729 billion barrels in 2013.

The Marcellus shale play in Pennsylvania and West Virginia beat out Texas’s Barnett shale play to take the top gas production spot with 2.83 trillion cubic feet of production.

Barnett was the second largest gas producer with 1.95 trillion cubic feet of production.

The Fayettville shale play in Arkansas was the third largest field with 1.025 trillion cubic feet of production, followed closely by the San Juan Basin Area in Colorado and New Mexico.

Prudhoe Bay was the tenth largest gas producer, pumping 147 billion cubic feet of gas.

Three Eagle Ford gas fields, Eagleville, Briscoe Ranch and Hawkville, rounded out the top 20 most prolific gas fields.

The 100 largest gas fields accounted for about 61 percent of total U.S. gas production, producing abut 16 trillion cubic feet of gas in 2013.

Check out the full list here.


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