Image courtesy of palparratas/Twitter.

Four workers have been confirmed dead after a blaze  Wednesday engulfed a Pemex offshore processing platform.

The deaths were confirmed by a Twitter post made by the head of an emergency center responding to the accident, Rigzone said.

Pemex evacuated 301 workers from the Gulf of Mexico Abkatun Permanente platform in the Bay of Campeche after a fire started at the platform’s dehydration and pumping area yesterday morning.

Initial reports had confirmed the death of only one worker, a contractor working for Mexico-based services player Cotemar.

The state-owned Mexican company said 45 workers received medical attention with two workers in serious condition having been transferred to a hospital in Mexico City.

The company said there was no evidence of a major spill and that a small amount of hydrocarbon runoff has been contained by a specialized vessel.

Eight firefighting vessels were deployed to the scene and extinguished the fire around 8 p.m. last night.

Work at the 40,000 barrel per day processing platform has been suspended, Reuters said.

Pemex said any impact on production is expected to be minimal and that crude and gas are being redirected to other processing facilities.

Mexico’s National Agency of Industrial Security and Environmental Protection for the Hydrocarbon Sector is investigating the cause of the blaze.



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