Image courtesy of the United Steelworkers.

Striking union workers at BP’s Whiting oil refinery in Indiana reached a new contract agreement with the company after a three month long work stoppage.

The tentative four year contract will allow workers to return to the refinery as soon as May 18 if members of the United Steelworkers approve the deal, Reuters said.

The strike began in February and eventually spread to 14 refineries and plants across the United States before a nationwide framework deal was reached on March 12.

However, union workers at Whiting continued their strike as they negotiated the union’s right to bargain under contract for safety policies.

“We look forward to having all our Whiting employees back to work soon and building on the success we had achieved prior to the strike,” Whiting refinery manager Jorge Lanza told Reuters.

The 413,000 barrel per day refinery has been operating normally throughout the strike.

Union workers remain on strike at a Toledo, Ohio refinery jointly owned by BP and Canada’s Husky Energy.


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