Image courtesy of the Smithsonian Channel.

A new Smithsonian documentary series is placing a spotlight on Bakken workers and their families.

“Boomtowners” is a six part doc follows a group of recent Bakken transplants as they navigate the ups and downs of boomtown life.

“I think people have begun to realize that what we’re doing here is not reality programming of the kind that takes place in Swampland, Louisiana,” head of programming and production at the Smithsonian Channel David Royle told Reuters said.

Oil hauler Ben Moorehead told Reuters he wanted to show viewers what life is really like on the oil patch.

“I thought it would be a fun experience to show folks what life is like here. I do like the social values out here because there’s a lot of hard-working folks,” Moorehead said.

The series was filmed last summer before oil prices plummeted nearly 50 percent and upstreams began cubing spends and laying off workers.

Luckily, no one who participated in the show has been laid off during the downturn.

“The boom hasn’t died, but it’s slowed down to the point beyond just needing warm bodies,” Moorehead added.

The third part of the series will air this Sunday night on the Smithsonian Channel.

Full episodes are also available at the Smithsonian Channel’s website.


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