The Troll Solution platform. Image courtesy of IM InfoMedia/Twitter.

An accident at a Pemex maintenance platform in offshore Mexico killed two workers on Tuesday.

Pemex said the Troll Solution was moving into position to start maintenance at the company’s shallow water Abkatun-Pol-Chuc oil field in the Bay of Campeche when a “failure” took out one of the platform’s leg.

The company confirmed that two workers died during the accident.

Pemex did not disclose details about the failure or what caused it.

The platform’s operator, Typhoon Offshore, said the platform was evacuated and that 10 workers were injured and are receiving medical treatment.

Images on social media showed the Troll platform tipping into black streaked water.

A Pemex spokesman told Reuters  there were no reported crude leaks but added the platform may have been carrying diesel that could have spilled into the water.

Pemex said the Troll Solution is still “swaying” but has not disclosed its plans for repairing the platform.

The company said the accident will not impact its crude production.

The failure is the Pemex’s second major accident at the Bay of Campeche in a little over a month.

Four workers died in early April after a blaze engulfed the Abkatun Permanente platform as it was working in the bay.


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