Newly appointed t Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Amber Rudd. Image courtesy of the DECC/Twitter.

UK prime minster David Cameron has tapped Conservative MP Amber Rudd to serve as the country’s newest Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Rudd was appointed to her new role on Monday and will succeed current secretary Edward Davey who has held the  post since 2012.

Rudd, 51 , was elected MP for Hastings and Rye in 2010 and served as the parliamentary under secretary of state at the Department of Energy and Climate Change from July 2014 until May 2015.

She has been a vocal supporter of energy efficiency policies and is fond of quoting Margret Thatcher when talking about climate change.

“To those who still say that the Conservatives do not take tackling climate change seriously, let me remind them that it was Margaret Thatcher who was the first ever world leader to sound the alarm on taking action on global warming at the UN in 1989,” Rudd wrote in Business Green earlier this month.


  1. Congratulations to Secretary Rudd on her appointment.

    From a Scottish point of view, our most urgent concern is the threat to Scottish security of electricity supply looming with the unwelcome premature closure of Longannet coal-fired power station, targeted for closure by Scottish Power specifically because it has been made particular unprofitable among UK coal-fired power stations by the National Grid’s unfair transmission charging regime which imposes higher charges upon all Scottish generators.

    BBC: “Longannet power station to close next year”

    The SNP have identified the problem but do not have a solution as yet.

    SNP: “Transmission charges damaging energy sector”

    The SNP need advice and I’m giving the SNP my advice.

    If Longannet is not saved the threat to security of electricity supply in Scotland requires me to advise the SNP and the Scottish government as follows –

    1) to direct its law officers to seek a court order from the Scottish courts to outlaw the excessive National Grid transmission charges imposed on Longannet and

    2) to nationalise Longannet, take it into Scottish public ownership

    which would seriously challenge the authority of the UK over energy policy in Scotland.

    In other words, if Amber Rudd does not deal with this urgently via talks with Ofgem and the National Grid with a view to equalising their charges for all coal-fired power stations so as not to uniquely disadvantage Longannet, so we can keep Longannet open so long as it is needed for security of supply then we Scots cannot concede primacy over energy policy to the UK for purely practical reasons, irrespective of our views about Scottish independence, because mounting UK incompetence would make Scottish independence, in this area of policy anyway, an urgent need to keep the lights on in Scotland.

    My advice to Amber Rudd is to act with urgency to save Longannet, otherwise we Scots will have to take the matter into our own hands.

    Scottish Scientist
    Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland

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