The Big Foot tension-leg platform. Image courtesy of LoneStar Energy Fabrication.

Chevron is moving its Big Foot tension-leg platform to sheltered waters after the platform’s subsea installation tendons were damaged over the weekend.

The company said on Tuesday that the tendons were pre-installed in preparation for connection Big Foot, but several tendons lost buoyancy sometime between Friday and Sunday.

There were no injuries and there has been no release of any fluids into the environment.

Big Foot was not connected to any subsea wells or tendons at the time of the incident and the platform was not damaged.

The tendons are used to attach Big Foot to the seafloor and are not connected to subsea wells.

There are currently no producing wells at Big Foot.

The damage is being assessed and Big Foot will be moved to sheltered waters from its current location in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

First production will not commence in late 2015 as initially planned, Chevron said.

A new first production date has not been disclosed yet.


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