Image courtesy of Nicolas Henderson/Flickr.

A small Texas town that banned hydraulic fracturing last year overturned the decision on Wednesday after state legislators blocked local governments from restricting fracking last month.

According to Rigzone, city council members in Denton, Texas voted 6-1 to repeal a ban on hydraulic fracturing that had passed with a 59 percent vote in November.

The ban, the first ever of its kind in Texas, was immediately challenged by the Texas Oil and Gas Association and was overturned in May with the passage of House Bill 40.

The bill prevents city governments from banning hydraulic fracturing and also makes it more difficult for local officials to impose their own oil and gas regulations.

According to the Denton Record-Chronicle, HB 40 requires that local regulations be “commercially reasonable” and “allow a reasonably prudent operator to fully, effectively, and economically exploit, develop, produce, process, and transport oil and gas.”

Denton council member Greg Johnson told Rigzone that repealing the ban was necessary to avoid legal action.

“What we’re faced here is with one of two bad choices. If we repeal the ordinance, we do know for sure the lawsuits are mooted and we don’t have exposure of a court victory and paying their legal fees,” Johnson said.


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