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As many as four people are thought to have died on Tuesday after a blast at a Ukrainian oil depot set 17 oil tanks on fire.

According to UPI, the blast happened late Monday at an oil depot near the town of Vasylkiv, just several hundred feet from a munitions storage facility site at Hlevakha airbase.

There have been conflicting accounts of casualties and injuries.

The Interior Ministry told the Wall Street Journal that one worker and several fighters were killed.

An unnamed Interior Ministry source told UPI that four fighters died battling the blaze while other sources told the wire serve that three firefighters died and six firefighters are missing.

Ukraine’s Emergency Service Ministry told TASS the blast set a 900 cubic meter fuel tank and 16 other tanks on fire.

The first tank blaze has been extinguished and crews are extinguishing the other fires.

Evacuations were ordered for workers and residents in the area on Tuesday morning.

The Kiev prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigationt, UPI said.

The cause of the blast is still unknown but authorities do not believe separatist groups are responsible.


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