U.S. drillers dropped 28 rigs in June as continued oil price volatility prompted several upstreams to curb production.

According to Baker Hughes, the average U.S. rig count for June fell to 861 rigs, a 28 loss from May and down 1,000 from the 1,861 counted in June 2014.

Canada managed to bring its count up to 129 rigs in June, up 49 rigs from May but still down 111 rigs from the 240 rigs drilling for hydrocarbons during the same time last year.

The international rig count fell by 12 rigs from June to May to 1,146 rigs, a 198 rig drop from the same period last year.

The international offshore rig count fell by 7 rigs in June to 277 rigs, down from the 320 rigs counted in June 2014.

The worldwide rig count for June climbed by nine to 2,136 rigs but was still 1,309 rigs shy from the 3,445 rigs counted in June 2014.


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