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San Francisco-based Bechtel won a contract last week from Delfin LNG to perform front-end engineering and design for the first U.S.-based floating liquefied natural gas vessel (FLNGV) that will to go into service at Port Delfin. 

Port Delfin is a proposed deepwater port and floating LNG facility that will be located about 50 miles off the coastline of Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

The project will be the first offshore floating natural gas liquefaction facility in the United States.

Bechtel said that upon the final investment decision the company is expected to design, build and commission the FLNGV.

The FLNGV will also be able to disconnect from the port facility and move to protected waters during a hurricane.  

“The offshore location of the port will significantly reduce coastal LNG carrier traffic and minimize near-shore environmental impacts,” Betchel said.

According to Delfin LNG, the project is currently in the deepwater port license application process with the United States Coast Guard and Maritime Administration.

The Delfin LNG Deepwater Port will receive natural gas from the Delfin Offshore Pipeline and have four mooring facilities for FLNGVs.

The FLNGVs moored at the port will have the capacity to liquefy up to 1.32 billion standard cubic feet per day of natural gas, or about 8 million metric tonnes of LNG per year.

Each FLNGV will have a storage capacity of up to 165,000 cubic meters.

Delfin expects the project to be operational in 2019.

“Delfin is excited that we have been able to develop a strong relationship with Bechtel because we could not think of a stronger partner nor a better management and project execution team to entrust with the performance of our FEED activities. We look forward to working with Bechtel to construct and commission what will be the first floating liquefaction vessel to operate off the North American Coast,” Delfin LNG founder Frederick Jones said.

Delfin LNG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dallas-based Fairwood Peninsula Energy Corporation.


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