The Big Foot tension leg platform. Image courtesy of nCentric.

Chevron said Friday that production at its deepwater Big Foot tension leg platform won’t begin until 2018 as the company continues to investigate an equipment issue.

In its second quarter earnings call, Chevron said output from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico platform won’t start for at least two years after nearly half of the unit’s tendons sank in June.

“At this point we are not expecting any Big Foot production in 2016 or 2017, which is a reduction from our original plan of 10,000 net barrels per day in 2016 and 22,000 in 2017,” Chevron Upstream executive vice president Jay Johnson told investors.

First oil from Big Foot was initially expected in 2015.

Installation work for Big Foot was suspended in early June after nine of the platform’s 16 tendons lost buoyancy and sank.

There were no injuries and no environmental impacts caused by the tendon issue, Chevron said.

The company has secured the site and successfully recovered seven of the remaining tendons.

The tendons are used to attach Big Foot to the seafloor and were not connected to subsea wells.

Big Foot was not connected to any subsea wells or tendons at the time of the incident.

The platform was not damaged and is now being moved to a safe harbor location.

The company is currently investigating the root cause of the incident.

Equipment inspectors are also determining whether the piles and recovered tendons can be reused and if any equipment will need to be replaced, Chevron added.


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