Cleanup operations are underway in northwestern Alberta after a pipeline leak on Wednesday spilled around 26,000 gallons of a mixture of oil, gas and wastewater.

According to the Canadian Press, an oil emulsion pipeline leak was detected by a helicopter crew on Friday during a daily inspection, about 62 miles northwest of High Level, Alberta.

The pipeline, owned by Alberta- based NuVista Energy, was shutdown immediately after workers spotted stressed vegetation along the pipeline’s route Friday afternoon.

The pipeline spilled an estimated 100,000 liters, or 26,417 gallons, of a mixture of oil, gas and wastewater, the Canadian Press said.

The three mile long, six inch diameter pipeline moves oil from a testing facility to an oil battery.

No injuries or wildlife damage have been reported and a fence has been erected to keep animals out of the site.

The release occurred on land inside the Hay Lake First Nation.

“Safety and protecting the environment are top priority at NuVista Energy. Our staff train regularly for potential unexpected events. We responded within minutes as soon as we knew there was a problem,” NuVista Energy CEO Jonathan Wright told the Canadian Press.

An initial survey conduced by NuVista placed the size of the affected area at about 360 feet by 74 feet.

The Alberta Energy Regulator and First Nationals officials inspected the spill site on Sunday, the Canadian Press added.


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