U.S. drillers dropped eight rigs last week.

According to Baker Hughes, the number of rigs drilling for oil and gas in the United States fell to 877, a 50 percent drop compared to the same time last year.

Oil drillers added one rig last week, bumping the oil rig count up to 675 rigs compared to the 1,575 rigs drilling for oil a year ago.

The number of gas rigs operating in the United States fell to 202 after a nine rig loss.

The horizontal rig count sank by five to 672 rigs, only a fraction of the 1,330 horizontal rigs operating during the same period last year.

The vertical drill count also recorded a five rig loss and fell to 125 rigs.

Directional drillers added two rigs last week, bumping the directional drill count up to 80 rigs.

Rig counts in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Ohio, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming held steady from last week.

Drillers in Louisiana dropped six rigs while New Mexico recorded a two rig drop.

Colorado, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania each lost one rig last week.

Texas managed to add three rigs despite a two rig loss in the Eagle Ford Basin.

A two rig gain in the Permian Basin, also located in Texas, helped offset the Eagle Ford drops.

The Marcellus play lost one rig last week.

Rig counts in the Williston Basin, home of the Bakken shale play, and the gas rich Utica Basin held steady from last week.

The Gulf of Mexico saw its count drop to 29 rigs after a two rig loss, down from 63 rigs a year ago.

The Canadian rig count slid down to 196 rigs after drillers dropped nine oil rigs and three gas rigs last week.


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