Image courtesy of Eva Hagan/Instagram.

A recruitment partner at Maersk Oil was reportedly asked to leave the bi-annual Offshore Europe event in Aberdeen, Scotland last week after bringing along her three month old daughter.

According to the Daily Mail, Eva Hagan was asked to leave the conference for health and safety reasons on Thursday for bringing her infant daughter to the event held at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Center.

Hagan, 31, was told at the door that she could not bring her daughter into the conference and was then asked to leave twice.

Extremely disappointed to have been asked to leave Offshore Europe for health and safety reasons as I had my baby with me in a sling,” Hagan wrote on Instagram.

Reed’s Exhibitions, the operator and security provider for the event, noted that the terms and conditions for attendees clearly stated that no one under the age of 16 would be admitted.

“Offshore Europe is a business conference and exhibition. As such, we have a clearly stated policy of no entry to under-16s, advertised six months in advance of the event and agreed to by all registrants,” senior exhibition director for Reed’s Exhibition Vasyl Zhygalo told the Daily Mail.

Zhygalo added that the company has discussed the incident with Hagan.

A spokesperson for Offshore Europe told the Daily Mail that the conference put the under 16 policy into place for health and safety reasons.

According to Hagan’s LinkedIn profile, she is currently on maternity leave.


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