Image courtesy of Encana Corporation.

Encana said Sunday it was able to cap a natural gas well that had been leaking for six days.

The blow out occurred on September 21 about 11 miles west of Fox Creek, the Alberta Energy Regulator reported.

Fox Creek is located in the Duvernay play in west central Alberta.

The well is licensed for hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas that smells like rotten eggs, and released an unspecified amount of natural gas and condensate.

Portable air monitoring units and roadblocks were set up at each side of the site as well as the access road when the blowout occurred.

There have been no reports of impacts to the public, waterways or wildlife.

According to the Global News ,the blowout was capped on Sunday afternoon and Alberta-based Encana is now investigating the cause of the incident.

An Encana spokesperson told Canadian Press that a small amount of hydrogen sulfide, also known as sour gas, was released but the leak was not large enough to pose a threat to public health.

According to the Edmonton Journal, air monitors detected sour gas levels of three parts per billion of hydrogen sulphide.

Those levels are well below the one part per million threshold that can produce exposure symptoms.

Alberta Energy Regulator staff were dispatched to site to assess the situation.

“We are fully committed to ensuring any related environmental impacts are effectively remediated. There is an environmental team on the ground assessing the area and developing a remediation plan,” Encana told the Global News.


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