A well fire at a Chesapeake Energy site in Wyoming has stretched into its fourth day.

According to the AP, the blaze started on Sunday near Douglas, Wyoming at a well pad holding six wells with all wells at the pad being affected.

No injuries have been reported and no evacuations have been ordered.

Local officials told the Casper Star Tribune that the fire is not posing a threat to public safety but authorities are continuing to monitor the situation.

Oklahoma-based Chesapeake Energy has hired oilfield firefighting firm Boots and Coots to help combat the fire but the company does not know how long extinguishing the blaze will take.

The emergency responders will begin clearing equipment from the site and attempt to direct the flames upward to gain better access to the blaze.

“It is too early to tell, although we anticipate this being a prolonged response,” Chesapeake director of communications Gordon Pennoyer told the Casper Star Tribune said.

The fire was described as contained by local authorities on Tuesday and the response effort was handed off to Chesapeake, the Casper Star Tribune said.

Air monitoring stations have been set up around the area and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has sent an emergency coordinator the site, the paper added.

A gravel barrier around the well pad has prevented the fire from spreading.

The cause of the fire has not been determined yet.

The Federal Aviation Administration has prohibited flying below 2,000 feet within a mile of the blaze, the AP added.


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