Oil prices may have fallen by more than half in the last year. But that hasn’t stopped ABC from trying to cash in on America’s newest oil boomtown with a prime time drama, “Blood and Oil.”

The show follows newcomers to the Bakken play, Billy and Cody Lefever, a penniless couple with dreams of striking it rich.

Billy, played by Chance Crawford, and his wife soon cross paths with Hap Briggs, a ruthless oil baron.

Briggs, played by Don Johnson of “Miami Vice” fame, squares off against the Lefevers in a battle to win leases and rule the oil patch.

Rebecca Rittenhouse will star as Cody Lefever.

Amber Valletta, best known for her role in “Revenge,” will star alongside Johnson as his wife, Darla.

The show comes on the heels of the Smithsonian Channel’s “Boomtowners,” a reality series following a handful of couples navigating  life and love in Bakken.

“Blood and Oil” premiers Sunday, September 29, at 9 p.m EST on ABC.



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