A portion of the Mississippi River remained closed on Thursday after a barge collision spilled an estimated 120,000 gallons of oil.

According to the AP, a barge hauling clarified slurry oil suffered a cargo tank rupture after a collision on Wednesday near Columbus, Kentucky that damaged five vessels.

The collision ruptured a portion of one of the oil barge’s six cargo tanks.

The ruptured tank has a capacity of 250,000 gallons and released an estimated 120,000 gallons into the water, the AP said.

The barge, owned by Inland Marine Services, was carrying about 1 million gallons at the time of accident.

There were no injuries and no wildlife impacts have been reported.

The water supply in Columbus will not be impacted by the spill because the area relies on water wells.

The Coast Guard is working with Inland Marine Services to organize a spill response effort.

Inland Marine Services declined to comment on the matter, the AP added.

The river remained closed on Thursday from mile markers 938 to 922.

Port and ferry services in nearby Hickman, Kentucky have not been affected.

Coast Guard Lt. Takila Powell told the news wire that booms have been installed around the ruptured tank.

Cleanup crews will begin determining where the spilled oil is located on Friday in order to start recovery efforts.

Crews have already managed to recover some surface oil but the Coast Guard does not know how much oil was recovered.

The cause of incident is under investigation.


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