While low oil prices continue to hammer upstream bottom lines theft has emerged as an increasing concern on the Canadian oil patch.

According to the Canadian Press, oilfield security firms have seen an uptick in theft from project sites since crude prices began falling last year.

Security operations manager for Alberta-based Prospector Energy Services Inc Joden Dorner told the Canadian Press that thieves have been stealing generators, diesel and other materials from oilfields as well as vandalizing sites in the province.

Most of the items taking are worth less than $10,000 and only a few pieces of equipment have been stolen.

Dorner said that reports of theft have surged about 25 percent year-over-year.

“If this keeps on going at this rate, I would think it would double by next spring,” Joden told the news service.

Other security firms reported minor incidences such as thieves taking cooper wiring from construction sites.

President and CEO of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada Mark Salkeld said the problem is not grave enough to have prompted vocal concern from members of his group.

“It’s been quiet. It’s probably still going on to a certain degree, but it hasn’t been enough throughout our membership to elevate it to our attention. You hear about it every now and again,” Salkeld told the Canadian Press.


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