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Lundin Petroleum said Tuesday that its appraisal well 7220/11-3 found a ‘very good’ pay zone near the company’s Alta discovery, despite having to plug the well due to technical problems.

Lundin Norway successfully drilled appraisal well 7220/11-3 2.4 miles south of the original Alta discovery well 7220/11-1 and1.8 miles northeast of the previous appraisal well 7220/11-2.

The main objectives of 7220/11-3 were to confirm the reservoir model and prove the presence of hydrocarbon columns and fluid contacts similar to those established in the Alta discovery.

Both objectives were successfully achieved, Lundin said.

Well 7220/11-3 encountered a 393 foot thick hydrocarbon bearing interval, with 147 feet being oil in rocks of “good to very good” reservoir quality.

The well had to be plugged due to technical problems.

A geological sidetrack, 7220/11-3 A, was drilled 1,312 feet southeast of 7220/11-3.

The well encountered a gross hydrocarbon column of 242 feet, with 98 feet of gas and 144 feet of oil in reservoir rocks of varying quality.

The well will now be temporarily plugged and abandoned so that Lundin can re-enter, drill deeper and eventually carry out a production test at a later stage.

Pressure data from wells 7220/11-3 and 7220/11-3 A show communication with the Alta discovery well 7220/11-1.

Extensive data acquisition and sampling were performed, including conventional coring and fluid sampling.

Both gas and oil samples were successfully acquired and well defined gas and oil gradients were established, Lundin said.

The wells were drilled to total vertical depths of 6,315 and 6,437 feet below mean sea level in rocks of Permian age in 1,312 feet of water.

“We will likely drill up to two further appraisal wells in 2016 in addition to re-entering the latest appraisal well to perform a production test,” Lundin Petroleum COO Alex Schneiter said.

The Alta discovery is located 6.2 to 12.4 miles northeast of Lundin Petroleum’s Gohta discovery in the Barents Sea South and 99 miles from the Norwegian coastline.

The Alta discovery well 7220/11-1 was completed in October 2014 in PL609.

A preliminary evaluation of gross recoverable oil and gas resources at Alta after the first well was drilled showed an estimated resource range of between 125 to 400 million barrels of oil equivalents.

Lundin Norway is operator and holds 40 percent working interest in PL609.

DEA Norge AS and Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS holds a 30 percent working interest each.


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