The Songa Trym rig. Image courtesy of Songa Offshore.

Norway’s Statoil suspended its contract for the midwater semisubmersible drilling rig Songa Trym on Monday, the second time the company has suspend the rig.

Songa Offshore said in its September fleet update that Statoil will suspend the Songa Trym contract after work at its current North Sea well, Tarvos, is completed.

Starting in November 2015, the rig will go on 75 percent suspension rate of $283,000 per day.

Songa Offshore said it expects work with Statoil to resume in early 2016.

 The rig player will minimize the overall financial impact through the warm-stacking period with reduced manning and reduced activity level during the suspension.

The Songa Trym rig achieved an operational efficiency of 100 percent and an earnings efficiency of 96 percent working for Statoil in Norway, Songa added.

The move marks the second time Statoil has suspended its contract for the Songa Trym.

Last November, Statoil suspended the Transocean Spitsbergen and Songa Trym for the remainder of 2014, citing overcapacity in the rig portfolio.

The company also temporarily suspended operation of its COSL Pioneer rig for the fourth quarter of 2014 as well as its contract for the Saipem Scarabeo 5 rig from fall of 2014 to the end of that year.


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