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Chevron Corporation said Monday that its subsidiary, Chevron Overseas Limited, has started oil and gas production from the Lianzi Field, located in a unitized offshore zone between the Republic of Congo and the Republic of Angola.

Lianzi is Chevron’s first operated asset in the Republic of Congo and the first cross-border oil development project in offshore Central Africa.

The project is expected to produce an average of 40,000 barrels of crude oil per day and is located 65 miles offshore in about 3,000 feet of water.

“This milestone demonstrates that we continue to make steady progress on delivering major development projects,” Chevron executive vice president of upstream Jay Johnson said.

Image courtesy of Chevron.
Image courtesy of Chevron.

Lianzi, discovered in 2004, includes a subsea production system and a 27 mile electrically heated flowline system, the first of its kind at the field’s water depth.

The system transports oil from Lianzi to the Benguela Belize-Lobito Tomboco platform in Angola’s Block 14 and utilizes a Direct Electrical Heating system to ensure fluid flow under a wide range of conditions, Chevron said.

“As the first offshore energy development spanning national boundaries in the Central Africa region, Lianzi represents a unique cooperative approach to share offshore resources and may serve as a model for the development of similar cross-border fields between two countries,” president of Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production Company Ali Moshiri said.

Chevron Overseas Limited operates the Lianzi Field and holds a 15.75 percent interest, along with its affiliate Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited with a 15.5 percent stake.

France’s Total E&P Congo holds a 26.75 percent stake, Angola Block 14 BV holds a 10 percent stake and Italy’s Eni holds a 10 percent stake.

Sonangol P&P holds a 10 percent stake, the Republic of Congo National Oil Company (SNPC) holds a 7.5 percent stake and GALP holds a 4.5 percent stake.


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