Image courtesy of Menendj/Wikimedia Commons.

An Islamic State commander who was believed to be behind the slaying of an Apache worker in Egypt last year was reportedly killed last week by Egyptian security forces.

According to CBS News, Aly Ashraf Hassanein al Gharabli was shot and killed by Egyptian forces on November 9 during an attempt to arrest him in the El-Marg district of Cairo.

Al Gharabli served as the commander for a militant group with links to the Islamic State that claimed responsibility for the 2014 murder murder of William Henderson, Fuel Fix said.

Henderson, 58, was shot dead along with man during an apparent car jacking in Egypt’s Western Desert on August 6.

The militant group Sinai Province posted pictures of Henderson’s passport and two identification cards to its Twitter account in December and said it was responsible for Henderson’s murder.

Security forces investigating the murder said that a second victim, a foreign worker with Qarun Petroleum, was also found dead in the car.

Sinai Province did not comment on the second victim.

Qarun Petroleum is a joint-venture between Houston-based Apache and Egyptian General Petroleum.

Henderson had worked for Apache for 28 years and was serving as a production expert for Qarun Petroleum at the time of his death.


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