Image courtesy of Nord Stream.

A munitions object discovered near the offshore Sweden portion of the Nord Stream Line 2 pipeline was successfully cleared by the Swedish Armed Forces on Thursday with no reported injuries or damages.

A piece of munitions was found in close proximity to the Nord Stream Line 2 natural gas pipeline on November 6 during routine survey operations and the line was closed at inlet as a precautionary measure.

The object was located in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone, about 74 miles away from the island of Gotland.

The relevant Swedish authorities were informed and stayed in a direct contact with Nord Stream until the object was successfully cleared, Switzerland-based Nord Stream said.

The object was removed safely with no reported injuries, damages or environmental impacts.

Line 2 has reopened and gas transportation has resumed.

The company has not disclosed further details about the munitions object.

“The prompt and safe resolution of the situation with the unusual find confirms the efficiency of the operational structures and interfaces with authorities established by Nord Stream for ensuring reliable gas transport,” Nord Stream said.

Nord Stream is an international consortium of five major companies established in 2005 to plan, construct and operate two 760 mile long natural gas pipelines that run through the Baltic Sea.

Russia’s Gazprom holds a 51 percent stake in Nord Stream.

German-based companies Wintershall Holding and E.ON SE each hold a 15.5 percent stake.

Netherlands-based N.V. Nederlandse Gasuni and France-based GDF SUEZ  each hold a 9 percent stake in the consortium.


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