The Brae Alpha platform. Image courtesy of Marathon Oil.

Production at the Brae Alpha platform in the UK North Sea remained offline on Monday after a gas line ruptured over the weekend.

According to the BBC, production at the Marathon Oil operated platform has been suspended since a gas line leak was detected on Saturday.

The platform was reportedly damaged when the leak set off a blast in the installation’s production train module, Energy Voice said.

One source told Energy Voice that the production train module looked as if “a bomb had gone off.”

No fires or explosions were ignited and crew members were able to stay aboard the platform, located about 155 miles northeast of Aberdeen, Scotland.

No injuries or environmental impact have been reported.

The Houston-company based company told the BBC that an investigation must be completed before it’s safe to resume work. 

Marathon Oil has not commented on any damages suffered by the platform.

The Brae Area is comprised of three offshore platforms: Brae Alpha, Brae Bravo and East Brae and the Brae-Forties pipeline.

The Brae Alpha platform and facilities serve as as a host for the underlying South Brae field, as well as the adjacent Central Brae and West Brae fields.

The platform also provides processing services for the third party operated Trees and Enoch fields.

In August, Marathon Oil was served with an improvement notice from the UK Health and Safety Executive for a pipeline safety regulation breach at the Brae Alpha installation.

“The West Brae caisson also contains the 6” West Brae Gas Lift riser, PL1442.1R, which is operating beyond its design life and apart from a visual inspection there is insufficient information to ensure that the riser has been maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair, thus putting the health and safety of individuals on the platform at risk,” the HSE said.

Marathon has until April 30, 2016 to comply with the notice.


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