Senator Eduardo Cunha. Image courtesy of PMDB Nacional/Flickr.

Brazilian police raided the home of lower house speaker Eduardo Cunha on Tuesday as part of series of raids targeting lawmakers with alleged links to the Petrobras scandal.

According to the AP, police seized computers, documents, phones and other items from the homes and offices of Cunha and three other politicians suspected of participating in a price-fixing and graft scheme tied to Petrobras contracts.

The raids also targeted two unnamed government ministers and an unnamed senator who is a part of Cunha’s Brazil Democratic Movement Party, the AP added.

Cunha, along with former president and current senator, Fernando Collor de Mello, was charged for his involvement in the graft scheme earlier this year.

Cunha is accused of accepting bribes worth at least $5 million in connection with Petrobras deals, the AP said.

An impeachment effort against President Dilma Rousseff, the former CEO of Petrobras, stalled last week after the country’s Supreme Court halted the proceedings so it could evaluate the legality of a secret congressional vote.

Cunha, a chief rival of Rousseff’s, initiated the impeachment proceedings after accusing the president and her administration of committing fiscal irregularities.

Rousseff has denied any wrongdoing and has not been implicated in the scandal that has rocked her former company.

Earlier this month, billionaire financier Andre Esteves and Senator Delcídio do Amaral were formally charged for their alleged attempts to block the Brazilian government’s probe into corruption at Petrobras.

Both men have denied any wrongdoing.


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