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Enbridge temporarily shut down its Line 9 crude pipeline on Monday after protesters chained themselves to a valve site in Quebec.

According to Reuters, flows through the 300,000 barrel per day pipeline were temporarily halted after three protesters cut the locks off a fenced area about 50 miles west of Montreal, tampered with a pipeline valve and chained themselves to the equipment.

The protesters were removed by police on Monday.

The names of the protesters have not been released yet.

Line 9 carries Canadian crude from Sanria, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec.

Calgary-based Enbridge told the news wire that flows through the line were expected to restart later on Monday and added that deliveries will not be disrupted.

In a statement given to Reuters, the protesters said they were concerned that a leak at Line 9 could pollute drinking water and alleged that the pipeline did not receive free, prior and informed consent from First Nations groups before it was constructed.

The pipeline’s flow was recently reversed to carry crude from Western Canada to the country’s east coast.

Last month, Enbridge said it has cut 5 percent of its workforce, citing continued crude price weakness.

The company axed about 500 employees along with 100 unfilled positions in the United Sates and Canada.


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