Halliburton has refiled a request with EU anti-trust regulators seeking approval for its pending $35 billion merger with Baker Hughes.

According to Reuters, the Houston-based company refiled its application with the European Commission after the regulator rejected its application in July due to insufficient data.

If the application is deemed complete this time around the commission will decide whether it will approve the deal or investigate the merger further by January 12.

The deal has already won approval from regulatory agencies in Canada, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Turkey.

The company is still waiting to win approval from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will issue its decision on December 17.

When the deal was announced last year in November, Halliburton said it is prepared to divest from businesses that generate annual combined revenues of $7.5 billion, although it expects regulators to require “significantly less” divestment.

Both Halliburton and Baker Hughes have announced their intention to divest from several assets and businesses as part of the $34.6 billion deal.

The combined 2013 revenue associated with all of the businesses intended to be divested was about $5.2 billion, according to Halliburton.

The companies currently expect the deal to close by December 16 but the merger agreement also provides that the closing can be extended into 2016, if necessary.


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