Image courtesy of United States Missile Defense Agency/Wikimedia Commons.

Saudi air defense systems reportedly shot down a Yemeni missile on Monday that was targeting a Saudi Aramco compound in the southern city of Jizan.

According to Retuers, state-owned media is reporting that the kingdom’s air defense system thwarted a ballistic missile attack against the oil installation late Monday night.

A Yemini army spokesman told Yemen’s Saba news agency that the missile managed to hit its target, Retuers added.

Saudi Aramco officials said that all of its facilities in the area are safe and operating normally.

The missile launch is the latest attack in an ongoing conflict between a Saudi-led Arab coalition trying to restore President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to power and Yemeni forces who are loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Saudi-led coalition told the AFP that its air forces “immediately destroyed the launch pad inside Yemen.”

A source in nearby Jizan Economic City, where a refinery and oil terminal are currently being built, told Reuters that there were no signs of an attack.

The launch was in violation of a renewable seven-day United Nations ceasefire reached on December 15.

The U.N. has sent a special envoy to help enforce the ceasefire and peace talks are currently scheduled to resume on January 14, Retuers said.


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