A group of armed men set a Saudi Aramco bus on fire Tuesday as it was transporting workers in the Eastern Province.

According to state media reports seen by Reuters, four armed men stopped the bus and lit it on fire as it was carrying workers around the oil-rich region.

The men reportedly stopped the bus in the district of Qatif, where Shi’ite Muslim cleric Nimr al-Nimr lived before being executed by Saudi authorities over the weekend.

State-owned Saudi Aramco said no workers were injured but declined to offer further details, Reuters added.

There have been no reports of arrests in connection with the incident yet.

The fire was extinguished by rescue crews and no other damage was reported.

Tensions have reached a boiling point between Saudi Arabia, a majority Sunni country, and neighboring Iran, after Saudi Arabia executed 47 men on Saturday.

Iran is led by Shia mullahs.

Qatif in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia has a large Shia population.

Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Iran after a group of protesters stormed a Saudi embassy in Tehran Saturday night in response to the executions.


Kuwait has recalled its ambassadors from Iran in response to the embassy attack and Bahrain and Sudan have severed diplomatic ties with the country.


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