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Three of the world’s largest oil companies have opted out of allowing employees to carry sidearms in their Texas offices after a new open carry law went into effect.

According to Upstream, Chevron, BP and Royal Dutch Shell won’t allow employees and visitors at their offices to carry sidearms.

The new law went into effect on January 1 and allows Texas gun owners to carry sidearms openly in most public places using either a shoulder or belt holster.

Under the law, businesses that opt-out of allowing patrons and employees to openly carry weapons must display signs stating that they prohibit open carry in their establishments.

BP and Shell each told Upstream that they will not change current company policies forbidding employees, contractors and other visitors from carrying weapons on company property.

“In light of the Texas Open Carry Law… our company’s policy with regard to weapons on company premises or on company business is unchanged. Weapons continue to be prohibited even with a license to openly carry and this applies to employees, contractors, vendors and visitors,” Shell told the paper.

Chevron also notified its employees that carrying firearms on the company’s Texas properties is prohibited without prior approval.

In a company email seen by Energy Voice the oil giant told employees “the Chevron policy is consistent that no firearms are allowed in any Chevron facility without prior approval from Global Security.”


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