Image courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry/Youtube.

The Russian government has released video footage that it claims shows its air force carrying out strikes against ISIS oil tankers and production facilities in Syria.

The video, released by Russia’s Ministry of Defense, shows Russian jets bombing ISIS oil tanker trucks that were allegedly transporting oil near the Syria-Turkey border for sale on the black market, Al Arabiya said.

Turkey is currently a part of the U.S. led coalition fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq while Russia is supporting and aiding Syrian president Bashar Assad as the Syrian army battles rebel groups.

The drone footage also shows air strikes on facilities Russia claims were ISIS operated oil refineries and production facilities, the Independent said.

The footage was presented at a press conference by Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoy who said Russian air strikes have destroyed 37 production and refinery facilities along with 17 oil tanker convoys during the last week, the Independent added.

Rudskoy added that Russian forces have destroyed upwards of 2,000 ISIS oil tankers in Syria over the past four months, but he declined to offer more details about the locations of those strikes.

Oil is a primary source of income for ISIS, but low oil prices and air capamgings have begun putting a dent in the group’s production.

Energy Aspects chief oil analyst Amrita Sen told CNBC in November that ISIS oil production has fallen to about 40,000 barrels per day from a high of 110,000 barrels per day.

ISIS is believed to control over 60 percent of Syria’s crude production and 10 percent of Iraq’s crude production.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Syrian oil production has “essentially ceased” since ISIS began taking over the country’s oilfields in 2014.


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