Image courtesy of Gazprom.

Russia’s Gazprom is hoping to boost its exports to Europe and Turkey to record high levels this year.

According to a non-public budget seen by Bloomberg, the state-owned company plans to grow its gas exports to the European Union, excluding the Baltic States, and Turkey by 2 percent in 2016.

Gazprom expects to send 5.74 trillion cubic feet of gas to the EU and Turkey in 2016, just above its record of 5.70 trillion cubic feet set in 2013.

Exports are expected to grow steadily to 5.86 trillion cubic feet in 2017 and 5.87 trillion cubic feet in 2018, with most of the supply growth traveling through the Nord Stream gas pipeline, Bloomberg said.

Last month, Gazprom said preliminary estimates show that its gas exports to Italy grew 12.6 percent in 2015 to 861.67 billion cubic feet, making Italy the third largest consumer of Russian gas in Europe.

At an investor meeting in New York on Monday, Gazprom board member Vsevolod Cherepanov said the copmany expects a small uptick in output but did not provide further details, according to Retuers.

Gazprom currently provides about 30 percent of the EU’s total gas supply.


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