The Brent Bravo platform. Image courtesy of Royal Dutch Shell.

Royal Dutch Shell evacuated nearly 80 workers from the Brent Bravo platform in the UK North Sea on Sunday after discovering damage to one of the facility’s legs.

A Shell spokesperson told the Offshore Post that 79 non-essential workers were evacuated from the platform ahead of a storm after damage was discovered on one of the platform’s three concrete legs.

Forty workers were moved to the Brent Charlie platform and 39 workers were taken to the Brent Delta platform as a precautionary measure, according to Energy Voice.

Shell said the damage was noticed before the storm approached the platform, but severe weather prevented immediate repair work.

A company spokesperson added that the relevant authorities have been notified.

Repair work on the damaged leg began on Tuesday, the BBC said.

No timeline for the work has been released.

Production at Brent Bravo and Brent Alpha stopped in November 2014 and production at Brent Delta was stopped in 2011 as part of  Shell’s decommissioning of the Brent field.

Brent Charlie is the only platform still producing in the Brent field.

The Brent field is located 116 miles offshore, north-east of Lerwick, Scotland, at a water depth of 460ft,  and consists of four large platforms; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.


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