One person was killed and two others were injured on Saturday by a blast near a Novatek oil field in Siberia.

According to Reuters, the accident occurred during exploration and blasting work near the Yarudeyskoye oil field in the Yamal region of Siberia.

No further details about the victims or the accident have been disclosed.

Russia-based Novatek declined to comment on the accident, Reuters said.

Novatek began commercial production at the Yarudeyskoye oil field in December 2015.

The field was developed by Yargeo, a joint venture between Novatek and Nefte Petroleum Limited, and produces about 3.5 million tons of crude oil per year.

The Yarudeyskoye oil field includes 36 wells, a central oil treatment facility, oil and gas gathering systems, a pumping station, and crude oil and gas pipelines linking the field to the trunk pipeline systems.

The field reached its full planned production capacity of 9,700 tons of crude oil per day in January

Twenty-four production wells were in operation at the field as of January with an average flow rate of more than 400 tons of crude oil per day per well.


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