Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has called for a nationwide ban on hydraulic fracturing.

At a campaign event in Binghmaton, New York on Monday Sanders applauded a fracking ban signed into law by New York State in 2014  and called for a national moratorium on the practice, the New York Times said.

“The growing body of evidence tells us that fracking is a danger to our water supply, our most precious resource. It is a danger to the air we breathe. It has resulted in more earthquakes. It is highly explosive. And it is contributing to climate change,” Sanders said.

Vermont, where Sanders has served as a U.S. Senator since 2007, instituted the first fracking ban in the nation in 2012.

During the Binghamton event, Sanders criticized his rival Hilary Clinton for her “late” opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline and her efforts to promote hydraulic fracturing operations abroad while she served as U.S. Secretary of State , the NY Times said.

President Obama rejected the Keystone XL project in November after a seven year long review, citing a State Department assessment that said the project would not “serve the national interest.”

Calgary-based TransCanada said in January that it intends to file a lawsuit contesting the rejection.

Clinton, a former U.S. Senator of New York, called for tighter regulations on hydraulic fracturing during the Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan earlier this year but has not proposed an outright ban.

Clinton’s energy platform has so far focused on using booming U.S. natural gas production to “transition to a clean energy economy.”

The Sanders campaign also released a new ad on Monday voiced by actress Susan Sarandon further touting his opposition to hydraulic fracturing.

“Do Washington politicians side with polluters over families? They sure do because big oil pumps millions into their campaigns” Sarandon said in ad.


  1. Of course, Sanders, Sarandon and the like are morons. The latter and her ilk live large with huge “Carbon Footprints”, while preaching austerity to everyone else. Same as Obama and his multiple trips to Martha’s Vineyard. If he really believed what he says, he’d stay home and conserve.

    So let’s see, what’s the option? Continue to buy Oil from sponsors of Terror? Pay $10/KWh for Alternative?

    Liberals are long on talk. Short on solutions.

    • I’ve yet to see any of them claim that they will lead by example and stop flying, buying gas guzzlers, etc… What also gets my goat is that no reporters will ask them(polititians, celebrities, activist) if they are leading by example, and if not, explain why.

  2. Hydraulic Fracturing has been around since the 1940’s. Cementing goes back to the 1920’s (to seal oil from water table) and CBL’s (Cement Bond Logs) are a sophisticated sonar/acoustic method that are mandatory to prove that the seal is proper over thousands of feet of pipe. The likelihood of leakage with properly bonded pipe is essentially zero. This system has been working for a very very long time. The only reason Fracking is being attacked now is because it’s bringing us energy independence.
    As for the supposed “flammable water” in the Northeast, naturally occurring Methane has been found in local waters there since humans inhabited the area.

    Should we develop Alternative Energy? Of course, but with attention to its consequences as well. Dead bird piles at bottom of windmills and “Streamers” (Birds burned alive in the air) from Solar Plants kill Eagles, Falcons and Blackbirds alike. West Texas has had a Feral Hog explosion due to additional carnage available from the windmills. Hunters have been hired to kill them, but too many carcasses to haul away. So they leave them and put Lime on them to lessen sanitation concerns. It’s really quite a mess but little reporting on this aspect of so-called “Clean Energy”. Better dispersion of low cost Photovoltaic is probably a better and more benign solution.

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