Image courtesy of Harald Pettersen/Statoil.

A helicopter carrying over a dozen people crashed into the water on Friday while travelling from a Norwegian oil field.

Norway’s Statoil said in a statement that the helicopter crashed outside of Turøy in the Øygarden municipality outside Bergen.

The CHC helicopter was en route from Gullfaks B to Bergen with 13 people were on board at the time of the accident.

A Norwegian police spokesperson told the AP that the helicopter was “totally smashed” and said he could not confirm that survivors had been found.

According to the BBC, several people were killed in the accident and all the passengers aboard the aircraft were employees of Statoil.

Statoil has not confirmed if there were any injuries or fatalities.

Statoil has temporarily grounded all equivalent traffic helicopters.

The rescue operation is being led and coordinated by the rescue coordination center and Statoil is providing additional resources.

Statoil said it has mobilized its entire emergency response organization.


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