Image courtesy of Chevron/Facebook.

Exports from the Gorgon LNG plant in Western Australia were reportedly halted on Monday by mechanical problems.

Chevron spokesperson told Reuters that exports have been temporarily suspended due to mechanical issues with the  propane refrigerant circuit at Train 1.

The spokesperson told the news wire that he could not provide further details about the issue but said that a site team is currently assessing the situation.

The Gorgon project has a total production capacity of about 2.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 20,000 barrels of condensate per day.

The company began production at Gorgon LNG on March 7 and shipped its first LNG cargo about two weeks later.

The Gorgon Project is supplied from the Gorgon and Jansz-Io gas fields, located within the Greater Gorgon area, between 80 miles and 136 miles off the northwest coast of Western Australia.

The project includes a 15.6 MTPA LNG plant on Barrow Island, a carbon dioxide injection project and a domestic gas plant with the capacity to supply 300 terajoules of gas per day to Western Australia.

The project is operated by Australia’s Chevron with a 47.3 percent.

ExxonMobil holds a 25 percent stake, Shell holds a 25 percent stake, Osaka Gas holds a 1.25 percent stake, Tokyo Gas holds a 1 percent stake and Chubu Electric Power holds a 0.417 percent stake.


  1. Chevron did not learn any lesson from Angola LNG failure. They have used the same contractor (Bechtel) who failed in a small scale LNG to build a giant LNG plant like Gorgon. Also, Chevron project team is responsible because they could have prevented this from happening if the bear the right skills and expertise. It is assumed that the equipment underwent thorough inspections (FAT&SAT) before it’s mechanical operation and the refrigerant was checked for its quality before it enters to the refrigeration system. It is hard to believe that this will occur unless you have Zero skills in place ( OR CORRUPTED MANAGERS ON SERVICE). Anyways, the cost of repairs should be covered by warranty from the contractor.

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