The Hangingstone project. Image courtesy of Athabasca Oil Corporation.

Athabasca Oil Corporation said Tuesday that it has resumed operations at the Hangingstone project near Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Raging wildfires in the Fort McMurray region forced Athabasca to halt production at Hangingstone on May 5.

Athabasca said there has been no damage to its assets.

Prior to the shutdown, production volumes at the project were in excess of 9,000 barrels per day.

The company expects the reservoir to re-pressurize to normal operating levels over the next several weeks with no anticipated long-term impacts.

Athabasca said it will continue to work closely with the province, region and industry to monitor and manage the fire risk.

Wildfires have been burning in the Fort McMurray region since May 1 and prompted over 88,000 residents to evacuate.

Although the majority of the buildings in Fort McMurray survived the blaze, residents will likely be unable to return until June.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) said Monday that the phased re-entry for all oilsands camps in the region is currently underway.

The mandatory evacuation for the Fort McMurray and Anzac areas remains in place.

Suncor said Monday that it has begun re-mobilizing employees to support the staged restart of its operations in the RMWB.

The company said that employees currently in the region are completing the pre-work necessary for the safe and staged restart of its operations.

There has been no damage to Suncor’s assets and enhanced fire mitigation work has been conducted at all of the company’s sites.

Construction activities at Suncor’s Fort Hills mine continued ramping up over the weekend and the company is in the process of planning the mine’s return to operations.

Syncrude said last week that it had begun deploying employees on the ground at its Mildred Lake and Aurora oil sands sites to advance the safe return of operations.

Shell restarted production at its Albian Sands mining operations at a reduced rate on May 9 after halting production on May 3.


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