Image courtesy of CGT Confédération Générale du Travail/Facebook.

A worker strike in France is squeezing fuel supplies and has impacted the majority of the country’s refineries.

According to the BBC, six of the eight refineries in France have been impacted by union strikes and barricades.

France’s Total told Reuters on Tuesday that the strikes had shut down two of its refineries and that two more of its refineries were in the process of being shut down.

Total has not yet disclosed how large the strike’s impact is expected to be.

Total operates five of the eight refineries in France, Reuters said.

According to the Guardian, labor union CGT has voted to take strike action against all eight of France’s refineries.

The French Union of Petroleum Industries told the BBC that a third of the 12,000 gasoline stations in France are running out of fuel.

The government has reportedly begun tapping into France’s strategic fuel reserves.

The strike has provoked confrontations with riot police.

According to the Telegraph, police officers deployed tear gas and water cannons on Tuesday  to remove protesters who were blocking an ExxonMobil refinery and terminal in Fos-Sur-Mer.

Seven police officers reportedly sustained minor injuries as protesters threw rocks and set fires during the scuffle.

The strikes are crippling rail travel and have also impacted 16 of the 18 nuclear power facilities in France, the BBC said.

The strikes are in retaliation against labor reform laws designed to help alleviate chronic unemployment in France.

The new laws relax work hour regulations and makes it easier for firms to layoff employees.


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