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The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal filed by Exxon contesting a multi-million dollar judgment tied to alleged pollution in New Hampshire.

According to Reuters, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal and left a $236 million judgment in place for alleged groundwater contamination caused by a fuel additive known as MTBE.

Exxon’s appeal argued that the company’s right to due process had been violated because New Hampshire did not prove that it was liable for the contamination at each affected site.

During the initial lawsuit, Exxon argued that the releases were caused by local gas stations and storage facilities.

The judgment was handed down by a New Hampshire jury in 2013 and upheld by the New Hampshire Supreme Court in 2015.

The initial lawsuit named several other defendants but many of those companies agreed to settlements before the trial began, Reuters said.

Exxon has not commented on the matter.

Exxon beat analyst expectations earlier this year after reporting $2.78 billion, or $0.67 per diluted share, in fourth quarter earnings.

The company slashed its 2016 capital spend by 25 percent from year ago levels in March.

Last month, Standard and Poor’s downgraded Exxon’s lowered Exxon’s corporate credit and long-term debt ratings to AA+ from AAA.

The company’s short-term corporate credit remains A-1+ with a stable outlook.


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